Congest Aid Aromatherapy Jar

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Aromatherapy in an easy to use jar;  Just open, inhale and enjoy!

About the Congest Aid Blend

Goodbye Congestion!  Our customers rave about the congestion clearing powers of this blend! They use it for everything from colds to flu’s to allergies!

It is the perfect synergy of certified organic EUCALYPTUS ( Eucalyptus Globulus ) and certified organic PEPPERMINT ( Mentha Piperita ). This blend can also be used overnight while you sleep.


About the Aromatherapy Jars

Our solid aromatherapy jars are the easy way to enjoy aromatherapy! Just open, inhale and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy!  Because the essential oils are infused a solid gel base, there is no need to worry about messy oil spills.  The convenient inner seal makes them ideal for travel and the 100 mL size makes them airline carry-on compliant as well! 


Aromatherapy Jar FAQ’s

How do I use my jar?

Jars can be used on a nightstand, in bed, on the desk, in the car’s coffee cup holder or on a shelf in the shower.  They can also be used with a spa daisy to float the jar in the bath or hot tub or stabilize the jar in between pillows so that both sleep partners can enjoy the benefits at the same time!


How long will my jar last?

Jars will last months when used 8 hours a day or night and release the essential oils continuously when the jar is open.  Always close your jar after each use for maximum longevity.