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Hi! I visited your booth at the Body, Health Expo in Calgary on Sunday, and I purchased a few of your bottles of aromatherapy oils. First, I have to say how much I absolutely LOVE your products already! I have very bad allergies, and my husband has had sinus problems for a while. We've been sleeping with the CongestAid bottle between us at night, and have noticed a huge difference already! My allergy symptoms disappear almost immediately after breathing in the aroma. It's fantastic!!! Thank you so much!...

Cara BCongest Aid

I’m not very easily swayed into trying new products, but the following incident convinced me that SweetScense aromatherapy really works. I was at my friend’s house when I started having an anxiety attack. I’ve had these on and off for many years and have even tried hypnosis and medication. My friend suggested I try Curb the Crave to help me relax. I opened it in the car on the way home, and within minutes, I felt my panic attack was coming under control. Since then I sleep with one beside my bed every night for a calming sleep. Now, when I feel a panic attack starting, I can use Curb the Crave to stop it before it gets out of control.

Laurie SCurb the Crave

Sleepy nights is amazing. It really works for both Patricia and I. In fact , we need 2 orders instead of one for Christmas. Can you send me a list of all the aroma products....

BryanSleepy Nights

Jim asked if you could give him samples of the sleep aid. His boss has trouble sleeping. I think Jim realizes he's been sleeping better with the help of this product.....The sounds now coming out of Jim's mouth when he's sleeping in no way resemble the snoring that used to come out of him. He no longer wakes me up during the night and we're actually sleeping together. 🙂 I'd say the snore stuff works....
P.S. I was just thinking of my sister-in-law. We slept at Mark and Linda's a couple of week-ends ago and Linda told me the guest room is where she often sleeps. That had a familiar ring to it. I'm thinking of sending no snore to her for her b'day. If she can get Mark to stop snoring (which would be QUITE an accomplishment!), she'd have more restful nights.

JanSnore Away

I have had chronic headaches all of my life. They range from mild, throbbing stress headaches to moderate migraines. Until 2 years ago, I would often wake up with a headache which would gradually get worse throughout the day. My friend suggested I try Headache-B-Gone, and so I put an open jar of it on my night table before going to bed. My morning headaches gradually went away and I found that if I inhaled the Headache-B-Gone when I felt a migraine coming on, it would help reduce the severity of the migraine and sometimes even stop it from developing. Since then, I have tried many other SweetScence Aromatherapy products and have found them to be very effective. My all time favourite besides the headache formula is Stress Less - I can just feel the stress melting away when I inhale that formula!

Colette BHeadache B-Gone & Stress Less

Hi Folks,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about my experience using your Headache Be Gone product.
I've had very positive results over the past month while using the aromatherapy at night. After a couple of weeks it dawned on me that I had been sleeping through the night quite soundly and this is indeed a big improvement! The treatment has greatly improved my ability to breathe without getting stuffed up and this alone has allowed me to sleep much more soundly than before.
I used to be forced to wake up and go to the washroom sometime between 11pm and midnight most nights and this has stopped! Wow! What a difference in my quality of sleep! The only change I made in my routine was to start using your product so it must be the reason for these dramatic improvements! Thank you so much!
I had forgotten what a really good night's sleep felt like and how much it helps to be able to take advantage of each day with energy and enthusiasm!
By the way, not to forget the real reason I purchased the Headache Be Gone in the first place - headaches! I suffer from Chinook migraines that usually come on during the night so I would wake up with a miserable headache. I've suffered with headaches quite often this past winter as it has been very windy. Since starting your Headache Be Gone aromatherapy I've only had ONE headache and the wind was REALLY BLOWING! This is a huge improvement and I will never again be without my Headache Be Gone!!
Thank you for making such a convenient and effective product!

Bonnie GHeadache B-Gone

I purchased one of your aromatherapy jars for my son, who suffers horrible migraines, back on the September long weekend when you were at the Millarville Market. It really did seem to help him. We need to get at least one more of these as it really seemed to help him. The jar has been dry now for awhile, and his migraines have returned. Could you let me know if you will be at a farmers market in Calgary in the near future, or how else can I get some more jars.
Thanks very much

Mary AnneHeadache B-Gone

I visited the Millarville Market this past December (2006) and inadvertently discovered your SweetScense booth. I was in the process of completing my black belt in Taekwondo and I had been struggling with nerves during testings. I saw the FOCUS product and was very excited. I decided to try it during training sessions and testings. I couldn't believe what an effect it had on my testing performance. As soon as I felt nervous and my focus began shifting to all of my anxieties, I would smell the FOCUS and I would regain my concentration. I earned my First Dan Black Belt this May and I just wanted to say thank you so very much. This is a very powerful product indeed and I am really excited to try your other aromatherapy products as well. I'm a believer!!!!

Leanne FFocus

I was a pack and 1/2 a day smoker. It's been three months since I quit. I still have a hard time with that cigarette craving when driving home from work. I get in the car and the craving hits. I have been doing the usual things, like mints, candy what ever, needless to say they did not work.
So I thought I would try this curb the crave.
I started using on a daily basis. Instead of having a cigarette I would open this tube, for the drive home. I did this all week by the time Friday rolled around, my craving starting getting less and less. Now two weeks later I have no cravings. It definitely works really well. I'm not kidding.
I also use the headache be gone works really well on headaches. Now that is a awesome cure instead of popping pills.

Christine ZCurb the Crave & Headache B-Gone

I just wanted to let you know that the lavender seems to be helping. I forget to smell it last nite before going to bed and had a rotten sleep but the other nites when I took a whiff of it before bedtime my sleep was better. Weird how it works eh.

KathyLavender Clouds

Hi Debbie, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly....I've been raving about your product all week to people, as I've been using aromatherapy for a little while now, and have never seen the results like I've seen this past week using your product. And not having to worry about spilling oils or catching them on fire is a huge benefit to using your products as opposed to the regular oils. Thanks Again

CaraMultiple Products

I just thought I'd email you and let you know what I think of your products. I was with my mum buying a few things when you were at Millarville last weekend and you said you like feedback so here you go! We bought Sleepy Nights, Cheers and the Snoring one. Sleepy Nights and Cheers are mine whereas my mum took the other one. I don't know how hers has worked but I can tell you that mine are fantastic! I open my Sleepy Nights when I go to bed and leave it beside me when I'm reading / watching TV and I have no trouble falling asleep. For the past couple of months it's been taking me forever to fall asleep and it looks as though I've found the answer, thank you! Also, I always wake up halfway through the night and usually lie awake for at least an hour, but Sleepy Nights has changed that. Now I'm able to fall right back to sleep. I'm also getting a much better sleep, thank you so much!
I haven't had a hangover yet to try Cheers out on, but I have used it twice when I've felt the start of a headache at work and its completely fought it away. I also used it once last week when I was feeling slightly anxious over something and it worked then too. I got the small container of it so I carry it around everywhere with me in my purse.
My experience with your products is that they're amazing and I thought that you should know that. I'm sure I'll be buying more in the future, I will also recommend you to everyone!
Thanks again

LauraSleepy Nights & Snore Away