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Where do you get your essential oils?

All of our essential oils are purchased from Canadian Suppliers who import them from various countries around the world. The quality and properties of each essential oil varies depending on growing conditions, harvest and how the oils are extracted from the plant. This is why we carefully evaluate the chemical properties, gas chromatograph, aroma and method of oil extraction before choosing each of our oils.


Where are your products made?

All of our aromatherapy products are hand formulated and blended in Canada.


What sets your product line apart?

Our 10 essential oil blends are specially formulated to release appealing aromas to suit a large variety of needs. They are available in 4 different forms; Solid Aromatherapy Jars, Refillable Travel Sized Inhaler Tubes, Pillow & Body Scents with a roller ball applicator (refillable as well), and dropper vials with 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends! Our solid aromatherapy jars are unique not only because of their controlled release, but also there are NO messy spills to contend with or candles to burn! (Remember that heating can destroy the therapeutic properties of essential oils).

Are you products natural?

All our products are as close to natural as possible. We only use 100% pure essential oils (certified organic whenever possible) in our blends and even though not edible, the solid gel base used in our jars only contains food grade ingredients.

What is inhalation aromatherapy?

Inhalation aromatherapy involves inhaling the aroma of essential oils to provide a desired sense of well being. Each blend has been carefully formulated to provide you with the features you desire based on cross- references with historical essential oil uses. Furthermore, SweetScense Aromatherapy products contain no perfumes or fragrance oils. Perfume oils and fragrances contain synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to the body and do not provide the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. Unfortunately, some companies improperly use the term aromatherapy to represent their perfumed or fragrance containing products.